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Jeffrey Walker And The Blackjack Billy Music Group

Blackjack Billy is a rock band consisting of Noll Billings, Clayton Shay, Jeff Coplan, and Weston Jordan. They define their music by saying: “We play rockabilly, blues-rock, metal, reggae, punk, and everything in between. Our influences include the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, AC/DC, psychedelic rock, Motley Crew, English rock, Mexican rhythm & blues, soul, Asian music, etc.” Their first single, “The Booze cruise,” was released in March 2021.

The band says their songs reflect their experience on the road, while on tour: “We drove across the country over again. We watched our friends’ backyards. We learned a lot. We made new friends. We met new people, drank a lot of beer, got wasted a few times, made mistakes… and then went on to make a new single that hopefully will be everywhere in five years.”

A&R Music Factory, the band’s label, issued the blackjack Billy album for sale in December of last year. The album was available for download at iTunes, so many fans purchased it just to download the album. Many were impressed with the quality of the album, which is produced by American producer Scott Borchetta. He previously worked with artists such as Matt Girard and The Replacements. The album features several original songs, which is pretty unique for an indie band.

In January, The Blackjack Billy Music Group announced a music and publishing deal with Matador Records, which will allow fans to get the new single from the band’s forthcoming album. The deal is a multi-year publishing deal and will see Belly Drum, Cottonmouth and Gunner involved in promoting the band’s upcoming single. “We have always had an interest in promoting local Nashville artists,” says Mike Lewis, owner of The Blackjack Billy Music Group. “We want to do what we can to help those artists we know to succeed, so this is another way to help out”.

The singles from Belly Drum’s forthcoming self-titled album are “Give Me The Reason”, “I Hate This town”, “Come On You Crazy Dogs”, “What You Don’t Have” (featured on Redneck Rock’s “Don’t Play These Games”) and lastly the twelfth single “Drink in My Teapot”. No official release date has been given for either Belly Drum or Redneck Rock’s upcoming self-titled album, but you can expect it to come out sometime in the spring. Both bands have been playing shows across the southeast in support of their respective albums. If you live in or around Nashville and want to see these guys rock out while supporting their new project, be sure to catch them both at some point.

The Blackjack Billy Music Group is also hoping to make their independent recording debut a hit with their second album. The first single from the album called Out To Sea will be hitting stores sometime in 2021. So far, the only people who have heard from the group are Steve Geller (guitarist/vocalist for Widespread Panic), Jannick Johnson (bass for Aerosmith) and Brian May (lead guitar/vocals for Queen). With a self-titled album featuring guest stars from across the country, the timing seems just right for a strong second effort from the little-known band from Nashville called The Blackjack Billy Music Group.